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...yeah so I rolled over and the fucking chimp was there too! It might have been the drugs but I swear to god, it said <choose> <option>"Humpy woz heer" ~ Humpy</option> <option>"One does not simply throw the ring out of Lord of the Rings into the volcano in mordor without first conquering smeagol!" ~ Bucko USB</option> <option>"IS ANYPONY THERE? WHERE ART THOU" ~ PrincessLuna</option> <option>"Sup" ~ Red Viper</option> <option>"The sky is up" ~ Joshua </option> <option>"Massive troll trolol im gay lol" ~ CaptainDolphin</option> <option>"Buffalo buffalo Bufallo bufallo bufallo buffalo Buffalo bufallo" ~ Bufallo</option> <option>"This kid's going far" ~ Square-cutter</option> <option>"NO SWEARING" - Joshua</option> <option>"Stop vegetating you turkeys" ~ E.T. </option> <option>"There is one they fear" ~ Jake</option> <option>"Dumbass!" ~ En-kay</option> <option>"Noodles noodles noodles" ~ Everything</option> <option>"One does not simply win an argument with Joshua" ~ Boromir</option> <option>"The answer is 42" ~ Joshua (on his puzzles)</option> <option>"At least I CAN get hit by a car" ~ Buckley, trying to make a payout</option> <option>"Fuck off Ben" ~ Thomas</option> <option>"I didn't choose the fug life. The fug life chose me." ~ Jake</option> <option>"Duh-hello!" ~ Benjamin</option> <option>"Look at your head. It looks inbred. No, it IS inbred." ~ some mexican gorilla</option> <option>"Burma shave!" ~ PrincessLuna</option> <option>"It's imperative that you be explicitly beautiful." ~ Anon.</option> <option>"At least I'm bit gay." ~ An idiot</option> <option>"IT ONLY GOES!" ~ THE GREAT BUTTHUTBANDIT</option> <option>"IS THAT A PUN?!?!" ~ Bear Grills</option> <option>"PLS SUBSCRIB I'LL DO ANYETIHNG" ~ ABEclipse</option> <option>"The shoe has turned!" - Mr Lipson </option> <option>"But they were all of them, deceived. For another ring was made." - stanner </option> <option>"Don't be a follower... be a leader!" - (But there was a bigger mystery...) </option> <option>"Fuckin' bullshit - that's FUCKIN' BULLSHIT!" - Kotapolu </option> <option>"Who is Paul?" - everyone </option>